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The National Communications Authority is pleased to announce that the group headed by Porting Access bv of the Netherlands (commonly known as PortingXS) along with their local partner, CIS Ghana Limited, has been named the preferred bidder to provide the central equipment and services necessary to implement Mobile Number Portability (MNP) in Ghana.

MNP is a system in which a mobile phone customer may change to a different service provider while retaining his entire original mobile phone number, including the old network code. Under the policies already adopted, the customer will go to the shop of the service provider to which he wishes to move, and they will handle all the details, working through the central systems to communicate with the customerís original mobile service provider. From that point onward, the customer will be using the new network, but all calls and messages will still come to him at his original number, and when he makes calls or sends messages, his original number will be shown to the person with whom he is communicating.

Bids for the centralized equipment and service were received from nine companies and were evaluated in a transparent manner by a team consisting of NCA and all six mobile network licencees. The Authority is grateful to those bidders who participated in the process, as well as to the mobile network licencees for their diligent efforts.

Having passed this milestone, the implementation process is on track to make MNP available to all Ghanaian mobile service customers by 1st July, 2011.
Mr. Joshua Peprah (Director, Regulatory Administration): +233 (0) 30 276 3434

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