QOS report2
QoS Monitoring Reports

In pursuance of the mandate of the Authority to ensure fair competition and protect the consumer, Quality of Service (QoS) obligations have been outlined in Annex D1 and D2 of the cellular mobile licence.


These obligations are monitored and enforced through consumer oriented methodologies:


Monthly Operator reports
The daily busy hour conditions for the radio network and each interconnect route among all Operators are reported by a common template with definitions to each parameter. This enables the Authority assess the network level performance of each Operator. This is useful for trend analysis; and guides directives on remedies for congestion and network instability.

Billing Verification
The tariffs of each Operator to all national and selected popular international destinations are verified quarterly or when new tariffs are implemented by any Operator. This is to ensure billing accuracy.

Consumer Satisfaction Survey
A total of 5000 mobile users are sampled in the 168 districts to achieve the 95% confidence level at an error margin of + 1.39%. The stratified sample allocation to each of the five Operators is per respective market share and network availability in the districts of Ghana. This captures the consumer ratings of service attributes and expectations. This has been useful in focusing on consumer concerns and the formulation of regulatory policies.

Assessment of Radio network parameters
Automated drive testing of all Operators is done simultaneously in localities during busy hours to ascertain the quality of experience to mobile phone users. This measures and analyzes parameters such as:

  • Coverage Strength
  • Call Set up time
  • Call Setup failure rate
  • Call Congestion rate
  • Call Drop Rate
  • Call Completion Rate
  • Call Audio Quality


Download the QoS Trends Report below: