Ghana-Led Draft New Recommendation Approved and Published as ITU Standard

A Ghana-led Draft New Recommendation E.805.1, ‘QoS Operational Strategy for Improved Regulatory Supervision on Providers of Mobile Telecommunication Services’ has been approved and is currently in force as an ITU standard.


The approval was given at the plenary of the ITU-T Study Group (SG) Twelve (12) e-meeting on Performance, QoS and QoE’ held from 6th to 7th January, 2021.


In line with Resolution 95 of the World Telecommunication Standardisation Assembly (Hammamet, 2016), this Recommendation is expected to provide further guidance to telecommunications regulatory Authorities across the world on the best practices and policies related to service quality.


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  • ITU-T Recommendation, E.805.1, "QoS Operational Strategy for Improved Supervision on providers of mobile telecommunication services"