NCA Joins the World to Celebrate 2021 World Consumer Rights Day

The National Communications Authority (NCA) has today, celebrated the World Consumer Rights Day (WCRD) across the country on the theme, “Information and Education: The Right of the Consumer”. The global theme for the celebration is however dubbed ‘Tackling Plastic Pollution’. The discussion across the world is expected to cover amongst other areas, measures in tackling plastic related pollution, considering the evidence in recent global warming issues faced all over the world.  


The WCRD which is celebrated globally on 15th March of every year has, over the years, been marked with road shows and institutional education by the Authority. This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and as a measure of limiting face-to-face contact whilst empowering the consumer on their rights and responsibilities, the Authority embarked on radio education within the sixteen (16) regions of the country interlaced with social media campaigns.


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