NCA Working to Address Concerns of AirtelTigo Customers

The National Communications Authority (NCA), to ensure a successful merger of AirtelTigo last year, reviewed a Merger Plan including their Network Integration and Customer Communications strategies. To ensure compliance with the Merger Plan, the Authority has been holding regular meetings with AirtelTigo for updates on their network integration and to ensure that their subscribers are not adversely affected.


However, complaints reaching the NCA indicate some levels of service interruption are occurring on AirtelTigo’s network. This has resulted in a myriad of issues including:

  1. Lack of internet and Voice connectivity
  2. Credits deducted for bundles but not realised by subscribers
  3. Inability of subscribers of other networks to reach AirtelTigo subscribers
  4.  Mobile money and porting issues amongst others


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             NCA Working to Address Concerns of AirtelTigo Customers